Proactive Nextweek Before Kahvila-ravintola Vieremän HulluMylly Gig


Before Kahvila-ravintola Vieremän HulluMylly Gig

Next week will be another busy proactive day before the Kahvila-Ravintola Vieremän HulluMylly Gig dated 30th December, 2016.

The schedule gig is a repeated version of its kind, to relate the studio presence live to its audience.

Artists on bill is myself VishnuExpress.Thefewmajority and Snäfä from the Etelän Vetelät rap group.

we kindly invite and welcome you lovers of music to be there.

Before that, wednesday the 28th and thursday the 29th December, 2016 will be the video shooting for our track title ‘Favor’, and our main location will be the Iisalmi City Center opposite GraceVille.

we invite everyone for their support.

The controversial track which features Snäfä and Thefewmajority address the economical state and how it influence our society.

This long awaited track release was intended to meet the climax of an integrated cultural boundaries, the project and few we are working on have really thought me lot of lessen about the music industry both in Ghana, Africa, Finland and Europe.

Patience is one thing one must exercise when dealing with professionals, especially those that already have food on their table.

That alone help them build the suspense needed to achieve the expected results.


It’s been an amazing experience working with video director Kimmo Jalkanen, he will be in-charge directing the upcoming ‘Favor’ video coverage and final production.

I honestly admire his strength, concept and approach to the industry.

Like said patience is golden and will line up all the like mindedness in your terms only if you have one.

I very happy to be working with all the mention individuals and groups, its has been a wonderful working experience.



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