Marvelous Kase Ha Finland Seminar



Kase Ha Finland Seminar organised dated 4,-6.2016 is a moment to remember, the three days workshop held at Hombu was attended by almost 25 participant including parents and kids.

The workshop targeted to develop both physical and inner strength, controlling and impact explosion took off the Friday, 4.11.2016 few minutes after our arrival at the center.

wp_20161105_13_28_53_proThe amazing workout was lead by Toni Gallen, Raimo Lappalainen and Jarmo Niiranen.

It was a great experience to witness and share amazing sportsmanship with participant from various cities in Finland.

The moment establish a strong symbol of friendship through the art of kase ha karate.

As they say in Okinawa – ‘Ichariba chodei’ – “Once we meet we are all brothers and sisters”.

The three days workshop introduce us to different forms of techniques, tolerance, and endurance process, and a formal way to build confidence and dynamic leadership.

I encourage every reader to engage in any form of athletic or sport activity to help keep a healthy balance lifestyle.

Exercise extend far beyond weight management. … Regular physical activity can reduce blood pressure in those with high blood pressure levels, and also keep the body, mind and spirit in good shape.

I’m so glad to be a member of Kase Ha Finland.

The next event is coming up soon, feel welcome and we encourage you to inspire your kids and youths to be part of something greater, a foundation that will earn humanity the best future generation.

Highest moral and discipline should be the order of the day.

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One thought on “Marvelous Kase Ha Finland Seminar

  1. This is great, exactly what this world need today. That kind of brotherhood is healthy, for mental and physic and mostly i liked “once we are meet we are all brothers and sisters” Bless all you people and keep up the good work.

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