The Triple ‘S’ Package Iisalmi GraceVille Turning The Long Darkness To Day.

14876078_10154716932609038_1273877098_oThe performance you been waiting for is here.

Book the date in your diary or mark it on your calender, Iisalmi, great suomen kansa, and all over Europe.

Worldwide attention again GraceVille has put the south and north lock down, presenting to you The Triple ‘S’ Package.

Come witness and be part of the crew turning the long darkness to day, has they entertain you with live performance from Mikidi&Gaiaf  Etelän Vetelät and VishnuExpress


This one of the gig you don’t have to miss, has every group and artist on the list want to relate the studio presence live with their audience.

The intention for the lengthy date from now to 06.01.17 is to get our audience prepared, has it will be a night of continuous jam and dance.

We expect and welcome you in and out of Europe, near and far has the transport and hostel services are adequate and efficient to meet your needs.




We will keep you inform and updated has the days, weeks, and months passby.

Keep positive and keep going strong, stop the guns and bring the dance are so the creative artist say.





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