I Was Made For Music.

It’s a strong feel from infancy, I was made for music to selflessly help the people and the greater society through the messages I sing.


This can be recognize throughout my musical destination and social activities.

Lend Helping Ear

I have taking inspiration from others, and share motivational moment through my songs.

I don’t compose songs selfishly for my own economical benefits, though the benefit comes anyway,  to sound uplifting and awaken the concern of geo sentiment and economical worries is our priority

I place myself among human class and situation we daily go through before I compose a song.

Both the suffering masses and the rich class, I compose for everyone to have a feel of the one drop.

The reason been that, none must be left out and most of what I sing about, is what is going on in the world around us.

The bad habits and the gossip.

We don’t want our music to create tension, nor conflict among groups and individual society, so in a way of parables and proverbs i sing love songs and the truth to righteousness.

The reason isto reach and inspire: A way to life

And not paying attention much on the unhealthy rivalry outside, inwardly through my songs I dialogue for love, respect, and togetherness.

True Love Da Answer


Though, the many majority are afraid of the truth and scared of change,  our composition helps face the truth whiles enjoying  a good music groove.

My desire to encourage the weak to be strong, be the shoulders to cheer  up and clean the tears of the weeping sorrows, the voice to call to attention the needs of the poor

Be an inspiration to our brothers and sisters aspiring their goal.

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