How the Sunshine. Motherofmanylakes came about

IMAG3654The Inspiration behind the song title Sunshine. Motherofmanylakes

It was one of the depressing moment dealing with music groups, knowing that the sun will surely shine one day, when will hold strong our passion dear in heart.

The sun begins to shine first in our heart, after been left alone in isolation with all the outside voices in our head to find ways, and means to keep our dream and ambition where we want it to be.

Has we all know, it works well to have collaborative music project with different artist especially as a musician.

To find that understanding partner, that share this same music vision and drive not really easy to find or come by.

In our quest we meet different kinds, many are this i wanna be type, self centered but supported by the mainstream that cross your path, just to divert your attention or take you off focus, this many kinds have the power to buy you out or sell out your spot.

After days on the road promoting the DropOutCity Movement , at one occasion we felt trap by the rain, that very day i remember clearly we plan not to go out on the road, because the clouds were dark in skies and the weather not really promising.

The women’s wing in the group as usual knowing the floods the rain has cost in the past, were worried about us going out there’ meeting this promising appointing, with one of the ghetto youths group at Adabraka in the Greater Accra district..

Our anticipation the meeting will be one of kind did not end up has expected, we had to improvise like Unstoppable Animals  to make the meeting a success, apart from all the stress we had to go through, we were able to bring smiles on the faces of our hosts.

God been so good we got home safe, then came the heavy rain to wash our troubles away.

The song was an encouragement to keep positive, and been open minded in all endeavor. God won’t give you more than you can bear.

Be my friend and reach me anytime VishnuExpress.TheFewMaajority.

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