Director and CEO of Big Dee Ventures And Family Dedicate Classroom Block

      Big Dee Ventures & Family

Commission And Dedicate Classroom Block  To The Presbyterian Prince of Peace Church To Honor Marriage Blessing.

Mr Ernest Kwasi Danso, the CEO and managing director of BIG DEE VENTURES with the support of his family has surprise the community and beyond.

The kind noble personality after coming out with the initiative to  Support Local Manufacturer and Businesses, on the 17th July 2016  dedicated a classroom block to The Presbyterian Prince of Peace Church at Zongo Junction Kenashie Ghana to honor his marriage blessing.


Mrs Gloria Danso the wife of Mr Ernest Kwasi Danso, and tutor of Accra Academy express her support to help promote information and education among children and youths especially to every parent.

In her little capacity encourage fellows sisters and women of her fellowship to enroll their kids in early childhood school development programs to enable them to be inspired, and get use to the normal routine of traditional education.

The Classroom block was commissioned by Rev. Prof. J. O. Y  Mantey (Principal of Trinity Theological Seminary and Regional Manager of Presby Schools), and assisted by Rev. Felix Akresu-Anim Danso (Nationl Director, Mission and Evangelism and Minister In Charge) help made the occasion a success.


In their speech also encourage individual organization to embark on such noble course to assist the government spread out formal education to every district in Ghana.

Mr Ernest Kwasi Danso, CEO of Big Dee Ventures is not stopping at that, but looking forward to God’s blessings, strength and stakeholders to take the next project of the ground. (GhaFin Project)

We thank you for the time and the opportunity sharing with you kind reader.

Be part of a noble course.


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