Travel Legit Experience Warm Finnish Hospitality.

Finland is a great welcoming country no doubt, find it hard to accept our African leaders can’t emulate the exemplary leadership and country planning of some of these great nations, of which most attain their education.


Travel legit and experience the warm Finnish hospitality

Though the locals stare at you strangely, you accept that to be normal your first time everywhere you migrate.

I will boast of the warm reception you meet behind the front desk at the Helsinki Vantaa airport, their readiness to assist travelers in which ever situation they find themselves.

One should only feel secured when you are a legit traveler, not intimidated by the rightful placement of security alert and notice.


The people are just cool, calm and lovely. Their way of life embrace different culture, and the free will to practice one belief, as long as one is law abiding will enjoy a thrilling trip.

Sauna has they call it (steam bath) is something you will enjoy and keep going after your first experience.

Their love for animals and flowers, the beautiful green vegetation and housing facilities, depict their richness in trees and architectural creativity.


Finnish citizens adore their Finnish language and honor their veterans, which is immediately recognized at their multi cultural art facilities, that makes provision for the citizen to promote and enjoy their indigenous craft to modern lifestyle in art


Throughout my travel to Finland. Amsterdam was my only hustle, maybe some of the immigration officers think they doing their Job, but when you are legit traveler like I was, you only feel victimized, as if the embassies at our “third world countries” didn’t do their job well before granting one visa, even though one is on a transit.

My fears of racism swept afar  exploring the capital city Helsinki, the warm pleasantries of cool and calm Finnish citizens, easy all my stress down.

I was so amaze about their timing transport system, and how their roads and railways interchange are been design.

The efficient delivery system, and the easy access to satisfy the needs and wants of the citizens only demonstrate a concern leadership, and a great country.


It’s my wish African leaders will be honest to themselves and their fellow country men, for until a lion learn to tell It’s story, it will be told differently.

Africa is not a poor nation, we are poor because of poor leadership.

Thanks, welcome your feedback and support.

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5 thoughts on “Travel Legit Experience Warm Finnish Hospitality.

  1. all the truth has been said.Africa is not a poor nation, we are poor because of poor leadership…..I like that..

  2. Good to hear that you have also experienced the other part of the world, like they said travel and c the world

  3. Niceness lion….if you look at how they have set up their systems and we are still where we are till date, you will realize our so called leaders are nothing but jokers. Africa the garden of eden, look at us today, we are destroying our forests, killing the animals and polluting the whole envirnment.

  4. Welcome to Finland,I am happy about ur positive experience,wish both ministry of tourism Ghana and Finland can work together,to grow tourism in both countries.

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