We selling on iTunes, Streaming live on spotify

The long awaited integrated music project is now selling on iTunes, streaming live on spotify.
        We encourage everyone to support this noble course, integrating our cultural difference through music. Integrated Belize HipHop


Jumanjical. VishnuExpress

The almost three years worldwide music collaboration project, which comprises of renown HipHop and Dancehall artists from Belize, Ghana and the United State of America, has been release and produced by SWAT Recordz based in the United State of America.

The eight track album which is made up of artist like, Flame Gotti, Ashley Duncan, Esklusive Gang, Take 5, J  Sinnocle, Murdakkh, Jumanjical, VishnuExpress has a fusion of different music genre.

The album release 18 March, 2016 through the countless effort of the project manager Renan ‘DFL’ Blake and his team, the Groovemasters and Mama T is final out, and together we say congratulation.

At this point we extend our sincere gratitude to everyone, who contributed in anyway to make this album a success.

Kindly buy in support to the project.
Thank You.

Powered by : Unstoppable Animal Music Promotion & Big Dee Ventures.

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