VishnuExpress still Vegan. No Bullshit

Life had thought me great lesson, which honestly can’t do without.
        The experiences I’ve endured on this journey have become like the walking stick, that guides me in each and every step I take.


Unconditional Love
I won’t deny rumors concening Myself eaten dog meat, and assuch any form of meat or fish, because  its all part of me growing up and deciding which experience in life is best to live.
But then I ask,  ” fellow readers, if the things we eat define or determine, the common sense that comes out of us”


VishnuExpress, an artist and ambassador of impartiality strongly hold on to his theme “Promoting Healthy Values in our creative art industry in Ghana, and the global village.”
The agenda is not to limit any individual or collective body from his or a true self, but to exhibit humility  expressing with the highest moral concern.


Years of vegan practice have thought me a way to live a healthy lifestyle, and a rejuvenating way to exercise my body and mind.
Just to be at tune and overcome the daily challenges.

Visit Health Valley @ Mokola anytime you tour Ghana.

        Collectivity Our Only Security

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