The mystery girl

It’s an unexpected music collaboration between myself VishnuExpress and Razigcal Bombom.


Razigcal featuring VishnuExpress.

The mystery girl that nearly lost her life denying her natural presence and beauty

Shape in an undulating curves with a fearful look and doubt, followed her heart desire passionately in search to fulfill her dream.

Determine to successed she must first be able to satisfy her immediate needs and want, that alone made her wanting and her life mysteriously living bearing two identities

I remember been in the house one early morning around the hours of 3 am involve in my meditation, and all of a sudden occur to me to visit my fellow artist and Brother, Razigcal Bombom.

Often unexpected of me especially around that hours, knock on my brothers door and there he was working on his first ever compose beat, and recording Mysterious Girl

As usual invited me to vocally jump on the beat, since we lot waiting for that very mysterious day, all this late night’ putting in hard work’ will reap its fruit.

We give thanks and praise to the Almighty Father and to you kind readers, assuring our people we will not giving up till we are able rescue our music.

2 thoughts on “The mystery girl

  1. Greetings Idren, and Gods Night, How is de I, Blessed I Pray…
    I have been reading you blog and fine it indeed well lived and explained
    as if i was at a live play or the movies. I’m enjoying the read as well as the information.
    Oh by the way I just love the way you are inspired by your life’s work inna your work and music, and how you receive friends at anytime night and day, I know you are blessed by the best…

    Empress Sista C. imani.

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