Ghana Lotus Children Home RAWA collaboration project with Sister School in Russia


Thank you, much and respect to everyone.

Now is the time to know and not to believe God is the King of Glory.

Ghana Lotus Children Home RAWA collaboration project with Sister School in RussiaKind readers i welcome you and will take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone, who in their small ways have contributed to the success of this project.

Due to that, i acknowledge the support of Didi.Gayatri, project supervisor at the Lotus Children Home, not forgetting the Management of Amamomo Beach Garden, Jahalmighty International and the Globale Nene Generation Ghana for their massive encouragement.

The ten days project aimed to inform participant about the understanding of RAWA and its advantage to the individual and the society.

The successful project was introduce to inspire the kids passionately to express themselves morally, using  meaningful words that will foster harmonious environment and generate livelihood in literature composition.

The project assisted by Vishnu Nathan Quao, artist known by the stage name VishnuExpress, explain how activities assuch helps the kids in pronunciation, visualization, and build their free will to share creatively.

Rawa He therefore call on government, non profit organization, and individuals to support in the promotion of  healthy education and information through cultural or creative activities.

Thanks everyone for the time, we have few videos to show, but the network not promising,  we therefore assure you the videos will be upload soon.

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