Youth Mobilization Sweeper MixPak Campiagn

The Artist VishnuExpress for awhile waiting for the opportunity to start the Sweeper MixPak campaign, and to promote Health Music Healthy Lifestyle Initiative around his neighborhood.

10007308_780313852010554_2507166673104747983_oThe artist early Monday, September, 29th 2014 post subjected to Amamomo Beach Garden Youth Mobilization on facebook attracted lot suspicion which created doubts amongst fans and some members of management.

The outcome compel his UK based management to contact, and ask him few question concerning the event.

The artist said, it was a moment he shared with the neighborhood youths about  the outcome of the damaged school roof, due to their active soccer play at the school park.

”They were too matured for the park”

Building One Great Society

He suggested to them to be encourage and get involve in the clean coast and hygienic program


The neighborhood youths had to continuously plead with the artist before he agreed with them to use the Cambridge Preparatory School Park, in terms that they allow a tournament between the Cambridge Second Chance Remedial Student and the Old winneba road neighborhood youths.

The Artist end note asking fans to keep supporting.

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