Vote “Proud” Coast to Coast Mixtape

Horse Age Music


Greetings and his glory be, another opportunity knocking at our doors, as an artist feels good to go for the healthy opportunities. Please follow the link Coast2Coast,  Vote with twitter/facebook, you’ll read the heading “vote for this track” to your right-side on the screen, it read ‘vote with facebook or twitter” Please click on any if you have the account,  and also play the tune and dance after vote. Thanks

“Try it One More Time and imma make the gap in-between your teethes bigger than MINE, shame on you, we started little now we on the skies top looking at you,

 Interesting how some snakes define themselves, every moment in their music, their influence to gain attention, and the intention to hold that much power, demonstrating this slackness in their everyday direction.  The Question is “Why Music”

That much inefficiency misleads most of our aspiring youths, who desire for greater  names, example like  ” The Congos” .

Music has now got to the horse age, where it has became fun and a fulfilling thing to do, like the old age, where our forefather use to gather around play music and share stories, not a race, but a good thing to have an expected album”.


This age has made it available and interesting with settings, tools and search engines for every aspiring artist to learn and share from, it has also advice the artist to create other avenues to earn revenues, and not only wait on the promoters, producers and even their music to get them income.

Every artist should get a second trade/occupation.

The unhealthy competition is highly concentrated at the low class level with lack of opportunities, therefore force the youths as wolves on each other, instead of modernizing their presentation and sharing their differences, not in the form of music battle nor star war but Music Uniqueness and Star Love  

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