Amamomo Clean Coast And Healthy Lifestyle Campaign

Play Sweeper  Inhabitant of Korle Gonno

James Town British Accra To Keep Their Shores Clean.

The effort of the government will be a wast of time and resource if we as people don’t help to implement his loadable clean hygienic environmental polices, which at the long run will protect and improve the life’s and livelihood of the people in the communities.

                              Surfers are hard to find,’ alot changes in the waves

Rasta say “we are the government and as such, we must keep our environment and surroundings clean”.

clean coast

We  acknowledge the effort of individuals, nonprofit organization,  Zoil Company, other wastage and recycling companies for their everyday clean up along the coast.

I n I support this course most because not only do we  play or can play soccer, and perform other games on the shores of Korle Gonno beach, Accra Ghana. But we can also trade and train the youth in various, sports, arts, and cultural activities in other to promote talents.

 Coastal Tourism , JOP. ABG and the management OF  VishnuExpress

Presents ReggaePonDaBeach

Whiles sited at the hill of Amamomo Beach Garden overlooking the shores.

In the morning observing the sun rise.

Amazing when its low tide, wish you could see  the stones as the sun reflect on the waters.

At times you see the bare ocean FLOOR.

How disgusting to see others defecate on the beautiful shores. whiles the noble women sweep their dirt.

Then YOU ask, who is there to stop all this mess which we’ve BEEN created?

Clean heart and clean Mind, sweeper, sweeper sweep up your places, don’t be clean outside and dirty inside.

Everyone bears the challenges EACH have to go through just to organize awareness Event

Creating Awareness  Clean Coast and Environment

Promoting Coastal Tourism

Reggaepondabeach is calling on the government and individuals to help advocate on a clean up sensitization program. which will empower the people around a giving location to be responsible selflessly helping to build a better nation.

To pursue our aspired dream ReggaePonDaBeach is to organize music and dance, sport activities just to gather people to share Clean Coast and Environmental vibes, in other to enriching OUR opportunity to free the people from various environmental sickness like cholera which has been on the increase.

In your effort help us continually host the event ReggaePonDaBeach

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