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VEMUnit. Musiclothing

Best Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland
Best West African Afro Reggae Dancehall Poet Artist Finland.
Finland Jay Z
Finland Fela 
Dappa Poet Finland
Afro Fashion Finland
VishnuExpress Finnish Michael Jackson
Finnish Tupac. VishnuExpress Finnish Bob Marley
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VEMUnit Musiclothing Ep

Six months evaluation music project about beat composition.

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Here we entertain you with VishnuExpress Music and fashion you with VishnuExpress Clothing.


Finnish House Of Afro Music

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Guys, we are at Amazon, how can you miss us, find a way to support what we do.

1 Comment

  1. Good work guys , You are doing a great job by taking-care of the Drop out Youth in the System(Community)
    Will try best to donate in support.

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