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The Unstoppable Animal Kind. InspiringAspiringDream

VishnuExpress Music career has been the slow pace one, started my music as an hobby during my early childhood, began practicing music for fulfillment since.

For the unhealthy competitive reasons and sabotage experiences from the mainstream media, I began sharing moment with fellows on the street, in the ghettos, children and youths in the schools, propagating the initiative ‘Healthy Values In Art and Culture”.

That project played a very significant role in my life, transforming my habitual talent to something blossom. I became more self sufficient, reliable and more precises, especially dealing with schools, kids and youths one always have a representation to keep.

My Edutaining Alternative Music develops me to be more patience and work towards the expected results.

In this creative world, many are those that may hate what you have, will always look with a scorn and deny their involvement, but will be the very first person to eat the corn when the harvest dawn.

Keeping your head above waters is the first discipline, been creative each moment is the essence to stay alive in this industry, like any other business spreading your wings and integrating your creative works is what keeps one ahead.

I’m still learning to shaping and fully understand the empire we desire to build.

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