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VEM Kollection

VEM - Vishnu-Express

VEM Kollection

As a Creative Artist VishnuExpress spread him self not only in Music composition and playing of guitar, but also adapted a family business in tailoring as a second career.

VishnuExpress will like to see the kids and youths growing up in an healthy creative and innovate environment, he dream to share his creative world with everyone through educative music and empowerment initiative.

Lend Helping Ears    /  Africa Arise    /  Dream Child Africa 

VEM Kollection

Apart from his humanitarian initiative, the artist wish to establish a clothing line which will be locally located at vantage points in regional capitals with its worldwide affiliate, that will promote, market and distribute authentic endorse merchandise of the artist VishnuExpress.

The outlet will sell from LPs, Cd’s, T-shirt, Caps, customize items of various creative works, it will secondly represent the platform to trade and promote African Indigenous Wear to meet Unisex demands.

At the moment we supply  individuals and stores in  Germany, Scotland, the United Kingdom and some few families in the United States Of America.

At the receiving ends most use the products as fund rising items to lobby for funds to help expend the artist creative agenda to support his initiative to set up a multi cultural center for the global new generation Ghana.

Though it has been very competitive we have found space to accept uniqueness, and trend them in our line of creative works.

Make an order today and experience the speed of our delivery.


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