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VEM Kollection. Why the regret.

VEM Vishnu-Express

Wonderful people, supporters and kind readers,  I will say thanks for your time and I welcome you to what we been waiting and expecting.

The VEM Kollection
An adopted family trade that has supported, the creative artist VishnuExpress Music career or will say has made my talent an exceptional brand.

Before say anything further, will extend sincere gratitude to God the almighty father for making this exodus possible.

Thanks to label for kids, and all our Australian and United Kingdom based supporters, not forgetting everyone patronizing our product locally.

We appreciate your loyal commitment and strength.

Though the road we are traveling on not been easy, God has been fair with us. That determine pride has, and will never leave us alone until we perfect that greater height, or achieve the dream of the African Child.

The plan is to take this fashion to the next level, to share its knowledge and benefit.

Creating an integrated community to help promote healthy values in our daily activities.

Collective is our only security. VEM.


  1. I just Love This Guys always have new creation for the generation which put our nation on top of the nomination…….

    Jah will see you through…..keep up the Good-Work.

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