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Keeping You Updated Suomenmestari Reggae

 Will be playing at a venue near you soon in support of our recent album 

Our families, friends and fans are amaze with our recent single release suomenmestari reggae which has words like ‘ feel the loving in the air, suomenmestari reggae.

They feel the concept suit the present tension, not only in Finland but around the global.


The song produce by Juuski, artist and sound engineer collaborating with VishnuExpress.Thefewmajority seeks out love, peace and unity among all class and race.

We as song writers and singers are unorthodox, independent-minded persons in the reggae dancehall music world, our versatile dynamics astonish most of our listeners and competitors.


Due to our passion and dedication to our music career we defies any easy recess. Omapomo


By the tunes we pick a mountain of lead strings, heavy bass and the nyabinghi drum accompanied with an ancient ballad, sings witty songs about modern life.


Playing a sweet African Finnish melodies on keyboard, swings an hot afro pop dynamics, which reaches deep for a soulful expression of values in our present troubled world.


To top it all with a fiddle tune and old soca music…… all skillfully blended into seamless flow most of our fans say’s ‘it’s a music from the heart that hits you right in the eyes’

We encourage our families, friends and fans to be on the look out and keep supporting, we believe in the results patient comes with.


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