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Rasta Cap Finland Ecology.

First and foremost, I’ll extend my sincere gratitude to the management of OMAPOMO MOVEMENT under the APUA GHANA FINLAND initiative, not to forget Topi Mäkelä, member of the above mentioned group for his brilliant recycling idea to support the EkologiaMovement in Finland.

I remember sending Topi Mäkelä a picture of what I called Organic Shopping Bags, this bags are 100% made cottons, and it is very hygienic and healthy to shop your fruits and vegetable with, instead of using the usual plastic bags.

Upon seeing the picture, the brother ask if I am interested in ecological project and as such into recycling, only Jah know star, I am down with recycling project to the fullest.

Since then I have been trying to find ways and means, how to manage and transforms the remains at the seconds hand shops into something useful. RastaCapFinland

Thanks to you my connect, my supporters and to you the customers, not to forget, you the readers, like, share and comment.




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