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Need A Road Map

A speed without  proper system is like throwing water in the ocean, instead of being the salt measuring the depth of the ocean.

Road Map

After considerable criticism and  proper reflection, I’ll say for the past weeks and months I’ve been selfish with my music production and promotion.

I will openly state: it has always been about me, me, me, asking readers, audience to follow my links and listen to my music.

I honestly apologize!

Recently I release a single mixtape She Cried and to my surprise a dear fan commented on my facebook fanpage Thefewmajority compose a song for me.

That was very touching and sensetive, that minute I started to consider some of the construtive criticism I’ve received.

Situations that don’t break you makes you stronger or help you grow up, sometimes the hardest criticism we receive has nothing to do with hate, but they are only present to shape us for the next stage.

We always have to remember a lot people have been on this road, took the same trip, just that their timing is back in time, doesn’t make ours different, it only makes it more challenging because it’s multiply with time.

This feedbacks are now acting as my road map to our final destination, because I’ve realize to fulfill this music mission, you the reader, listener, fans and audience play a very important role in my decision making, and I don’t feel limited creatively.

I love and respect my audience in which ever form they appear, for me to be crative in a challenging circumstance to suit verious situations it’s wealth a risk taking, and will not really mind going on that path while’s I’ve the map.

I therefore ask: People! my people! our people: what do you expect from me? You can email anytime, send your take on facebook, and we will be there to answer you.

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