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‘Call It Herbs’ release is not against gays nor lesbians

There had been question raised concerning our recent single release Call it Herb, which features one of Finnish brillient rap artist S-Molli

The song which is been distributed on almost 23 music distribution and marketing platform including spotify and itunes,  which is also streaming on tidal has nothing against gays and lesbians.

Many has refer to the content in the song ‘ Babylon are legalize the gay and the lesbians are what do them, we nu watch them yes’ has an act against gays and lesbians, which to the artist involve has nothing do with their choice of life.

VishnuExpress, I explain further, Babylon to me as an artist is any negative act to oppress the freedom of any proactive act, art OR MOVEMENT, and therefore we have no reason to judge any sect or group of society, but to judge and narrate our stands.

And to break down ‘Legalize the gays and the lesbians are what do them, we nu watch them yes’ is only to relate the injustice against the users of the Cannabis herbs , of which even gays and lesbians that use it has a natural herbal remedies for their various sickness fall victims to the law.

As a musician i’m obligated to relate and associate the happenings in our present societies and communities to bring the proper influential  attention to solve the present day problems or challenges.

Just to mention lot this pharmaceutical companies produce medicines that has worse side effect on the human race, which only little or nothing is done to amend the damage they pose on us as human beings.

In our song we were only asking the authorities to reconsider their drastic condemnation on the cannabis herbs, at least encouraging them to take it to the laboratory again to be examine as herbs and not a harmful drugs.

Readers, if everyone will pay attention to their fingers, they are not equal and our DNA differ from each other, therefore certain herbs and pharmaceutical drugs can be of help to us, and to the other is big not.

Therefore our agenda as artist was to relate, associate, and address the day to day topic and challenges facing our societies and communities, and not to condemn any sect in our society.

The fact is our recent gigs we play the past weeks, we have entertain audience which include married gays and lesbians of which after our performance we did had memorable after parties and discussion based on the topic above.

‘I myself not clean, define by faith, destine for sheep to speak of grace’ VishnuExpress

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