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 Healthy Music Progressing Proactively Collectively
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Vishnu Quao songwriter, entertainer, guitarist known on performing stage as #Vishnuexpress is an afro pop reggae dancehall rap recording artist, much to the excitement of his already sizeable loyal fans call him #TheFewMajority, due to his unique presence and controversial utterance in his music term as ‘Healthy music progressing proactively collectively’.

The artist Vishnuexpress creative potency does not only stop at making music but adopted a family business in tailoring, of which he strongly express both talents gifted to him as heritage running through his family blood line.
In reference to his previous music album title ‘Trustworthy’, the artist since then being releasing singles which are Available for download and streaming on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, 8tracks, Pandora, Shazam, YouTube Music, Groove Music, Napster plus other stores & streaming services and almost all digital music distribution platform.

At the moment the artist is working on a EP #OMAPOMO with a Finnish reggae artist, sound engineer and producer #Juuski, which is due to be release in early December 2017.

The artist initiative to use this EP as an educational and inspirational material to be promoted in schools, educational institutions, radio, television, dancehall clubs and etc.
The artist express his sincere gratitude meeting Juuski, as if it was met to be, schedule by the hands of the infinite creator, for them to work as partners together. Juuski who has spent his whole life studying the Finnish music scene, and has invested his time and energy in making music.

The persistent of artist #Vishnuexpress attracted him an international record deal with a Germany based record company New Globe Art Factory, not only that but the artist was awarded the Ambassador of Impartiality by the Global New Generation foundation based in Germany.

Acknowledging and appreciating his alternative blend style of music, the artist have performed on the same stage with the present Osibisa Band, Ebo Taylor, Ben Brako, Steve Bedi, S-Molli Snäfä, Mikidi & Gaiaf and many more.

#OMAPOMO love, loyalty and humble #UAMP #1familyunderGod the artist #Vishnuexpress #TheFewMajority and his team will continue to inspire everyone aspiring dream with #apprisemusc


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